Thursday, December 15, 2016

The fee list keeps growing

The custom qualification fee list keeps expanding. If you need to run a study of 1000 married participants with a bachelor's degree, Amazon will charge you $1000 PLUS 40% on payment to participants. Who has this kind of budget?
The best option is to publish your own screening HITs for $0.04 each and $0.01 per HIT Amazon fee. 6000 participants can be screened for $300 including Amazon fees. It does take a little bit longer for results, but the savings can be huge.

The two most popular qualifications are not even on this list. The most requested qualifications at Mturk Data are gender and employment. These two are not on this list.
I also doubt the validity of these qualifications. People move, change jobs, get married/divorced. Will Amazon update these qualifications with changes over time? A long time qualification Mechanical Turk has used is location by state. Amazon has admitted they do not update this qualification .

Run your own qualifications, save money, get reliable results.

Here are the current fees for custom qualifications, (note these are per completed HIT)

Car Owner: $0.25
Current Residence - Owned: $0.40
Current Residence - Rented: $0.40
Handedness - Left: $0.15
Handedness - Right: $0.15
Household Income - $100,000 or more: $0.50
Household Income - $25,000 - $49,999: $0.50
Household Income - $50,000 - $74,999: $0.50
Household Income - $75,000 - $99,999: $0.50
Household Income - Less than $25,000: $0.50
Marital Status - Divorced: $0.50
Marital Status - Married: $0.50
Marital Status - Single: $0.50
Parenthood Status: $0.50
Primary Mobile Device - Android: $0.50
Primary Mobile Device - iPhone: $0.50
Single Family Home Resident: $0.30
Smoker: $0.30
Tablet Owner: $0.20
US Bachelor's Degree: $0.50
US Graduate Degree: $0.65
US High School Graduate: $0.05
US Political Affiliation - Conservative: $0.40
US Political Affiliation - Liberal: $0.40
Voted in 2012 US Presidential Election: $0.10

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